Learn about our Hustle Membership



For a limited time, we are offering unlimited coworking days in your monthly Hustle membership. This means you can come + go as you please during the calendar month. 

jig+saw events

Your monthly Hustle Membership provides you access to all JIG+SAW events for free each month. JIG+SAW hosts four events per month, minimum. For non-members, each event is $25. If you attend two that month, you essentially get two more for free. 


Your monthly Hustle Membership provides you amenities catered to your business needs. This includes wifi, printing/scanning/copying, all the beverages/coffee/tea you could want and snacks to get your mind busy while you work.

Your membership includes opportunity to book the conference room for team brainstorms, client meetings, semi-private phone calls (faux wall enclosure) + more. When the conference room is not in use, you can use the space for your workspace as you need it.

Most importantly, we offer our business resources on a weekly basis. These resources include financial, legal + marketing (soon to be public relations). These four resources are some of the most expensive and confusing components of running a business. We take the burden from you and provide you a touchpoint with a resource as you need it. 

is this membership for me?

We want to make it easy for you to decide whether or not the Hustle Membership is for you. Below are some of the reasons why we think it may work for you, today.

  • You're looking for a coworking space to get your sh*t done

  • You need a place to host clients or meetings that isn't your apartment or rowdy coffee shop

  • You're seeking business resources but don't have the funds to pay full-time consultants to manage 

  • You want to be part of a dope women's community to connect + collaborate 

  • You like free stuff, who doesn't?