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May Track Series

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Track is where business and creativity collide.

JIG+SAW's Track Series facilities weekly courses set up for you to grow in your business and start making moves, getting more sh*t done. Less "I'll get to that" and more "Checked off, what's next?".

How does Track Work?

Track is a committed one-day a week course in May, highlighting important factors of being a creative, being an entrepreneur and being a woman.

Track Day starts at 11am, ends at 4pm. Once you've purchased your Track membership, you'll receive a detailed agenda for the month and for each day.

Track includes lunch, coffee + snacks to ensure we keep you fed and focused. 

Each track focuses on a core, intimate group of women. This allows us to engage and commit to one another over the course of one month. Each day in your track will allow for us to speak with you 1-on-1 and as a group. We are women, we give a sh*t about one another's success. Show up + hustle + let's make magic happen.

We can't wait for you to join us next month.



Lunch provided daily in partnership with Tender Greens






tuesday, may 2nd


Is Your Contract legit?

led by grant atkinson / founder of framework collective

Starting a new career is risky enough, make sure you have your contract template in order so you don’t f*ck yourself legally. Learn how to read, write, and revise a contract for your offerings. Are you hiring contract workers or employees? They can not be treated the same so learn how to legally build your team and brand. Interns on the horizon? You’ll need to get them squared away too!

12:15p-1p LUNCH



Chrystina Woody Train Headshot.jpg

tuesday, may 9th


Navigating the User Experience

led by christina chan / product designer

How easy or pleasing is it for your customers/clients to use your website? Our attention spans are at an all time low, you don’t want to lose customers in the first click. You want your offerings and how to get them to be easy as pie. You’ll learn about how to envision and build a satisfying user experience for any customer.

12:15p-1p LUNCH




tuesday, may 16th


Elevate Your Pitch to Communicate w/ Confidence

led by maggie saunders, communications & pitching coach

Do you go blank when someone asks the infamous question, “So, what do you do?” Learn how to communicate your role, dream, name, whatever with confidence and clarity. The point of the elevator pitch is to pique your listener’s interest, not to tell them your entire business plan. Leave with a better pitch for any type of listener— investor, client, customer, or your boyfriend’s Great-Aunt Sally.

12:15p-1p LUNCH



May is a special month for us; it's our 1st year anniversary!

We'll be celebrating late into the night, so stay for cocktails, dancing and celebrating JIG+SAW's first year in connectivity, collaboration and community.

TRACK - Speaker Hold.png

tuesday, may 23rd


Babe, Let's Balance Your Budget

led by Katrina Soelter, Financial Advisor of Zeutziusw, Hutchinson, Sosa Wealth Management Group

When it comes to your budget, business or personal, we will get to the bottom of what you really need; where can you save, skimp, and splurge? Owning a business is many things but it’s especially expensive. Maybe you do have the room to hire that part time employee or upgrade your gear… let's find out.

12:15p-1p LUNCH



TRACK - Speaker Hold.png

tuesday, may 30th


Running Instagram Ads Doesn't Have To Be Complicated

led by christina topacio / founder of Jig+saw

Whether you have a product or service business, contemplating running ads has probably been on your to-do list since launch. Maybe you've taken a peak, maybe run a couple but not seeing the results you're looking for. Don't worry, we've got you. Founder of JIG+SAW and CEO of OI. Creative, Christina Topacio, will run you through how to run your first social media campaign and get the results and metrics you're looking for. 

12:15p-1p LUNCH







Got Q's? We've got A's.

q: what is Track?

a: Great question. Track is something super near and dear to us because it's how we started from day one. We built a day of connecting with women almost a year ago, that we knew worked best. We call it Track because, like school, you choose the Track that works best for you. Each Track caters to different elements of creating a business; whether you're on Day One or Year Five. We focus on being a creative, being an entrepreneur and being a woman. The idea is that for four weeks, we can create momentum for your growth, for that confirmation you're on the right Track and the opportunity to grow, focus-group and test your products/services/experiences. We hope you join us.

Check out our Tracks in the past.

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q: when do Tracks close? Waiting for my paycheck!

a: Tracks close on May 1st, 2017 at 10am PST. Once Track closes, we do not sell one-off entry on any of the Track speaker events. We do, however, recommend joining us for our Talks + Community Events that happen 4x a month, listed here

q: I may not be able to make all the Track days. Will i be able to get a rundown of what I missed?

a: We encourage you to be fully present for Track, to ensure you don't miss a beat with your community and fellow Track members. However, we will have a tips listed on the website when available.

q: does the package include the nighttime events too?

a: Yes! The best part about Track is you get to join whatever event is happening on the day of your Track. We want you to be able to join other communities participating in our events and this is the best way to get to know the extension of the JIG+SAW family.


Where business + creativity collide. 

Let's make sh*t happen.

schedule subject to change.




Lizzy Okoro Davidson, yes rally & bunch magazine

"Track came at the perfect time in my career! I'm exiting one company to start another and being able to sit in a room with other like-minded women and receive support and feedback in real time was an invaluable experience. The entire program is designed to cover every single thing a female entrepreneur needs. Christina is building a community that I have never found anywhere else. The women are diverse in every way imaginable and we're all here for the same reason: to hustle, grow, and kick butt."


Tamara Baskin, golden rags

"Track series has been essential in my journey as an entrepreneur. I love having a place to go to share the challenges and successes in business with women who actually are all motivated to help each other be successful."

jenna baik, bebox

"Thank you Track for giving me an idea for my business which I am now turning into reality! To be surrounded with other girlbosses and think together was an incredible experience!"


Asia David, die free studios & bunch magazine

"Track series is EXACTLY what I've been looking for as a creative entrepreneur. It provides all the essentials I need as a new business owner, but also a community to bounce ideas of off, learn vital information from professionals all while networking and being productive. Areas I've been stuck in for months were talked through and solved from the very first session and only continued to get better. It's a completely safe environment to share and learn while surrounded by amazing entrepreneurs all actively pursuing their dreams."


Chelsea Leifken, artist

"I have never felt so comfortable and accepted in a space of women in LOS ANGELES. The vibes, the stories, the hardships were REAL, the support was 56789% and the community built was something I've been looking for -- for a while. Thank you!!"

Jannet Matthew, Curls Courtesy Of

"Warm, to the point, and effective! Just two hours in and I learned so much about myself, my vision, and the importance of sharing your ideas in a safe space. Collaborating with other women is key and this is the place to do it!"

Eva Leung, segara swim

"I'm so glad that I decided join Jig+Saw's first Track. My fellow Track members were all inspirational in different ways and ranged from artists, to business owners, to those switching careers. I'm not sure where else I would have found such a diverse and cool group of women to provide feedback and support. The speakers that joined us each week were down-to-earth and accessible, and I'm already taking their advice and tangible tips and applying them to my business. I would definitely do another Track if I have the chance!


headshots shot by Track member Julia Silva