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september track


We've got even bigger news...

Starting this September Track, we'll be hosting Track for everyone outside of LA. We're talking to you Seattle, New Orleans, Austin, Madison, Tulsa, Raleigh, Portland and everyone else in between.

Online Track is now live for all those who've asked us to create a space for you, online. This is major, major lazar. 


what is track?


JIG+SAW's Track Series facilities weekly courses set up for you to grow in your business and start making moves, getting more sh*t done. Less "I'll get to that" and more "Checked off, what's next?".

Imagine getting together with your favorite entrepreneurial female power circle every week to talk about your venture progress, the delays you're experiencing, the dead ends you've come across and the support + accountability you've been searching for. Every week that takes place at JIG+SAW.


how does track work?

Track is a MONTHLY WORKSHOP, FOCUSING on being a creative, being an entrepreneur and being a woman.

Track includes lunch, coffee + snacks to ensure we keep you fed and focused. 

Each track focuses on a core, intimate group of women. This allows us to engage and commit to one another over the course of one month. Each day in your track will allow for us to speak with you 1-on-1 and as a group. We are women, we give a sh*t about one another's success. Show up + hustle + let's make magic happen.


Our community is kick ass, smart + down for you.





Community Director, JIG+SAW


PR & Digital Brand Strategist

Christina Topacio

CEO + Founder, JIG+SAW



Founder + CEO, Career Contessa


Of  Counsel,  Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae LLP


September Track Agendas


Location: The Standard Hotel, Downtown LA

Location: Online + Everywhere you go




q: what is Track?

a: Great question. Track is something super near and dear to us because it's how we started from day one. We built a day of connecting with women almost a year ago, that we knew worked best. It's called Track because, simply, that's our goal - keep you on track, keep you focused, we got you. Track caters to different elements of creating a business; whether you're on Day One or Year Five. We focus on being a creative, being an entrepreneur and being a woman. The idea is that for four weeks, we can create momentum for your growth, for that confirmation you're on the right Track and the opportunity to grow, focus-group and test your products/services/experiences. We hope you join us.

q: when do Tracks close? Waiting for my paycheck!

a: Track sales close one day before 1st day, at 8:59PT or if we sell out. Online Track closes 8/27, Live Track closes 9/3. Once Track closes, we do not sell one-off entry on any of the Track speaker events. This is to protect the bond being built since Day One. 

q: I may not be able to make all the Track days. Will i be able to get a rundown of what I missed?

a: We encourage you to be fully present for Track, to ensure you don't miss a beat with your community and fellow Track members. However, we're super excited to announce that due to Online Track, all Tracks will be recorded in case you miss something. Please note the schedule changes for recorded versions. 

q: After completing Track, is there a way to follow up?

a: YES, you'll be invited to join our private Facebook page with all our Track alum from previous and current sessions.

q: Is there anyway to know what topics you'll be covering in the future?

a: We always want to cover our main topics as a core company focus; legal, PR, financial, marketing. We may cover additional or replacement topics each month but we like to keep the focus strictly business. We also over personal development courses that change monthly.

q: How many women will be in LIVE TRACK?

a: We have a Track capacity for up to fifty attendees. After that, we ill waitlist for the following month.

Q: Is TRACK only for beginners or can more seasoned business owners benefit from track to?

A: Track is for *any* entrepreneurial woman; past tracks have included women who've been in business for over a decade to ones that are just beginning to think about their launch. The experts we bring in each week can speak to and support a rad group of women in business. We are grateful and blessed to always have diverse groups of women attend track and it makes our community that much stronger.

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track member benefits

wondering what's included, we bet.


All track members receive:


Our core focus is financial, legal, pr and marketing. We strive to ensure we're covering a majority of these topics to get you focused and set up for success.


We can do it right without getting our minds right. We go through a process each week to get you out of your head and creating more action, rather than losing momentum.


*LIVE TRACK - It's time to update your accounts + stop using your selfies


*LIVE TRACK - A customized notebook to start your month off fresh and a handpicked founder pack from our friends at KnockKnock + more to inspire + motivate you*


*LIVE TRACK - Each day, coffee + snacks + lunch will be provided so you don't have to worry about bringing your lunch or shelling out for something to eat nearby.


Sounding boards are important as you grow your business.We're here for you all month long. Our team is available in-person, for 1-on-1's as well as on the chats via Online Track. Got Q's? We'll be there to answer them.  


In case you have to miss a day, all online Track sessions will be recorded so you can jump back in easily. You'll also be able to use the Facebook group to engage on the sessions shared that day to be a part of the learnings.


While you're in Track, both groups are placed into our private Facebook group to keep the conversation going even after the day ends. After Track, you'll join the Track Alum which grows more and more every session. 


Track isn't offered a la carte. Your price comes with all four sessions, including Online Track. You'll never miss a beat.


It's something we can't describe until you show up but these women give a sh*t about you and your business. We want you to succeed and can't wait to do it together.


*LIVE TRACK - Join us on the rooftop for some wine to celebrate your success. 


Special thanks to our partners:


we only mess with the baddest bosses in town.



These are just some of the incredible beings who've taken the time to impart knowledge, show up for you and make this community even larger + stronger. Thankful for them + their support daily. 


Where business + creativity collide. 

Let's make sh*t happen.

schedule subject to change.