jig+saw is about bringing creative, entrepreneurial women together in one space to provide the tools + community they need.

The network is built to bring creators together in the same space, to individually and collectively create beauty. We don't believe in work, we believe in hustle. Hustle is derived from inspiration, momentum, collaboration. We are defined by our hustle, how we struggle, how we thrive. Work is lax, safe, careful. JIG+SAW is everything but.


Unified by a love for creating something beautiful & important.

jig+saw is focused on supporting female-owned, female-run businesses in the creative space. with few options of places to work, these entrepreneurs are forced to either work from home or in an uninspiring environment. these women are photographers, videographers, bloggers + youtubers, writers, illustrators, artists and freelancers, all with the capacity to make their business a full-time business. they just need a place to do it and the community to support them. these women are you.


Connecting through shared experiences & collaborating through expertise.

The core of jig+saw is to create a space for creatives to succeed. Period.



photo by Tyler Topacio

meet the founder

Christina Dee Topacio

An adventurous, unsettling demeanor brought me to create JIG+SAW. I knew I wasn't made for convention. And, I know you aren't either. My mission is simply to support you in creating, to inspire collaboration and to build communities. JIG+SAW is not only about creating something for you, but rather putting the pieces of all of our creations together for the pictures to our storybooks. 

Christina is a marketing consultant for JIG+SAW & the writer of her blog Profresh Style, since 2008. If you don't know, now you know. More on Christina here.