April Track Series has begun.


For four days, we're hyper-focusing on your business.
Each day highlights important factors of being a creative, being an entrepreneur and being a woman. 

Each track focuses on a core group of women. This allows us to engage and commit to one another over the course of one month. Each day in your track will allow for us to speak with you 1-on-1 and as a group. We are women, we give a sh*t about one another's success. Show up + hustle + let's make magic happen.


Looking to join both Tracks? We got you + unlimited coworking M-Th. That's right.
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Tuesday Track is sold out - however, if you purchase the coworking membership, you'll be automatically placed into Tuesday Track as these are reserved for these memberships. 





tuesday, April 4th


How To Create Thoughtful, Genuine + Compelling Content

led by Raychel nguyen, Content Creator / YouTuber of That's chic

Whether you consider yourself creative or not, creating content is a part of most businesses. With social media at a necessity, creating content is not only required but it's a full-time job. Not only that, but how do you make it unique and valuable to your niche audience? Don't worry, we got you.

2:30p: Think tanks

4p: Coworking

Chrystina Woody Train Headshot.jpg

tuesday, april 11th


Be Your Own PR Person

led by Chrystina Woody Train, Brand Marketing and Strategic Communications Expert for brands like Samsung, Verizon, Xbox 360 and General Motors

Wouldn't it be great to hire a PR consultant to run to the wind with your products + services that will propel your business forward? Right. Well, that's not always possible. Learn how to be lean in your company and build a PR strategy you can manage + execute, no problem.

2:30p: Think tanks

4p: Coworking


tuesday, april 18th


The Give + Take Of A Powerful Partnership

led by Danika Brysha, Founder/CEO + Camille May Co-Founder/CFO/COO of Model meals

Building a company is tough enough solo, but there's a huge advantage to creating space for two or more to alleviate the company's needs as a whole. But, what does it take? What do you look for? We've got the answers with the powerhouse women from Model Meals, healthy meals delivered. 

2:30p: Think tanks

4p: Coworking

Join us in the evening


Workshop: Art + Expression

led by chelsea leifken 

Join Chelsea as she walks through her creative process + journey. We'll also be creating our own forms of expression so come ready to express yourself creatively.

chelsea leifken.jpeg

chelsea is an artist, self love leader, and inspirational speaker who creates to inspire. she is on a mission to help girls find, love and celebrate themselves. she created a line of leather accessories by merging her minimalist aesthetic and her unique writing style to further share her message of love with the masses. 

TRACK - Speaker Hold.png

Tuesday, april 25th


Figuring Out Finance + Not F*cking Yourself In The Interim

led by paco de leon, Founder of the Hell Yeah Group

Money is tough, tough for those of us still pulling weight from personal debt and business financial growth. What if there were a real plan put in place that you could plug in your information and understand your budgets, how to grow and how to scale back? We'll talk about the nitty gritty of money; you already know it's on your to-do list.

2:30p: Think tanks

4p: Coworking + Business Consulting Office Hours with Framework Collective

Join us in the evening


Workshop: Stop Giving Excuses + Create A Practical Business Plan

led by Framework Collective

Creating a business plan is one of the hardest things to accomplish when starting your business. There are so many things to address and respond to, it can feel overwhelming. Learn how to get your business plan done without being overwhelmed. 

From Framework Collective:


Learn how to evolve your business concept into a solid plan ready for execution. This workshop explores a number of important components that go into building a successful business plan, including: 

  • Developing your business concept 
  • Marketing and sales strategies 
  • Financial planning and projections
  • Company structure 
  • Day-to-day operations
  • Business growth and development
  • Exit strategy 




TRACK - Speaker Hold.png

thursday, April 6th


Outsourcing Expertise; How To Do It When You Just Can't

led by Miki Reynolds, City Manager @ General Assembly + Kellie Cockrell, Marketing Producer @ General Assembly 

We want to do it all - we want to create the graphics, build the decks, pitch the clients, create the assets, provide the numbers. But that's just not always helpful. It's important to know when to take a step back and analyze what's at hand; is your stress gone haywire but your control takes over? Allowing freelancers, consultants, and teammates allows for your company to grow. Just ask GA.

2:30p: Think tanks

4p: Coworking

TRACK - Speaker Hold.png

thursday, April 13th


What Does Investment Look Like? 

led by kaitlyn powell, Executive, Business Development Creative Artists Agency (CAA)

You're ready to take the next step - jump in and start pitching your business for investment. But, what exactly do investors look like? What does a pitch look/feel/sound like? What are the key things investors want to hear? 

We can tell you this, it's not as black + white as you'd think. Hear how to begin the process of seeking investment from an executive who is serious about her sh*t.

2:30p: Think tanks

4p: Coworking

Join us in the evening


Talk: Do You Have To Quit The Day Job? 

led by tiffany chao, founder of MVMT theory + horizon media senior digital strategist / planner

We love that we have these passions, and for most, it's simply that, a passion. We evaluate whether to quit our day job to fully commit to our passion project or how to balance both. It's more possible than you think, to keep your stability + your sanity while creating a life you love. Learn how Tiffany is making moves, both in her corporate world + her passions.

TRACK - Speaker Hold.png

thursday, April 20th


Find + KEEP Your Clients

led by hana hussein, public relations director at swim social

We're ready to set sail as an entrepreneur/freelancer/etc but we're not sure how to get clients... and what's more, how to keep them. Learn how to create lasting relationships with your clients where trust + committment are key. 

2:30p: Think tanks

4p: Coworking

TRACK - Speaker Hold.png

thursday, April 27th


The Downside of Partnerships

led by Genevieve fish, founder of the know collective, a women's community dedicated to honest talk about mental health + Lizzy Okoro, Founder, Yes Rally + Bunch Magazine

Partnerships can be the coolest thing; you have a buddy, a teammate and an ally as you grow and fail, together. But, it's not always great. It's hard to bounce back when a partnership falls through, someone isn't holding up their end of the deal and you're stuck with the grunt work. Figure out how to get out of a tricky partnership and what to really seek when finding the right "one".

2:30p: Think tanks

4p: Coworking


Got Q's? We've got A's.

q: what is Track?

a: Great question. Track is something super near and dear to us because it's how we started from day one. We built a day of connecting with women almost a year ago, that we knew worked best. We call it Track because, like school, you choose the Track that works best for you. Each Track caters to different elements of creating a business; whether you're on Day One or Year Five. We focus on being a creative, being an entrepreneur and being a woman. The idea is that for four weeks, one-day-five-hours-a-week commitment, we can create momentum for your growth, for that confirmation you're on the right Track and the opportunity to grow, focus-group and test your products/services/experiences. We hope you join us.

Want to learn about our March Track? Check it out here.

Q: Can I attend both Tracks?

a: Yes, of course! We have an all-inclusive package available that gives you both Tracks and additional days of coworking. Check them out here

q: when do Tracks close? Waiting for my paycheck!

a: Tracks close on April 2nd, 2017 at 11p. Once Track closes, we do not sell one-off entry on any of the Track speaker events. We do, however, recommend joining us for our Talks that happen 4x a month, listed here. 

q: what is "Choose What You Pay"? 

a: The Choose What You Pay is similar to a sliding scale. We want to meet you where you're at financially. We consider it the honor system, pay what makes sense for your budget. However, there are very limited amounts of the Choose What You Pay packages, so make sure to get the price point that works for you! The full price of a Track ($135), 10% of the profits go to Planned Parenthood.

q: I may not be able to make all the Track days. Will I be able to switch days? 

a: In order to maintain the integrity of each Track session, we aren't able to have days traded. However, we do recommend doing your best to be present for as many as possible to maintain the team + energy being created.

q: does the package include the nighttime events too?

a: Yes! The best part about Track is you get to join whatever event is happening on the day of your Track. We want you to be able to join other communities participating in our events and this is the best way to get to know the extension of the JIG+SAW family.

Where business + creativity collide. 

Let's make sh*t happen.

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