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Founder, May Day Glow

"Being in Track is like stepping into an alternate universe where badass women unite with the sole purpose of strengthening one another's goals and dreams. It provided the support I needed to get clear about what I want from my budding business and determine the steps needed to bring it to fruition. Christina is an entrepreneur-whisperer and created curriculum that has helped me clarify my vision and think big!

I had so much admiration for each speaker, all of whom were knowledgeable and candid, sharing their lessons gained from creating their own businesses. But the most magical part was the connection I made with other women in Track. The exchange of ideas between women from diverse backgrounds and fields provided loads of inspiration and ideas to further develop my business model."



Voice Artist

"Moving to Los Angeles can be lonely and daunting. With all that the area has to offer, it's easy to feel overwhelmed with activity or underwhelmed with your social life. In a city where it's easy to become lonely, Track gifted me with both friends and inspiration for my future. Who doesn't want to be surrounded by badass women who aren't settle for what life has given to them. If you ever seek to advance yourself professionally or you just need a safe space for encouragement, I urge you to take Jig + Saw's track for a month. The inspiration is invaluable and the commitment is minimal for the all the gems you receive in order to take you to the next step!"




"There's a wealth of experience, honesty, and encouragement that Jig + Saw attracts and fosters. By creating a space for intimate dialogue, I feel it makes it easier to share, more candidly, the good, great, bad, and the ugly around each person's entrepreneurial journey. This also includes getting the right help/direction to move things along and get you back on 'track'! (pun intended)." 




Creator + Cannabis Consultant,
Uptown Girl

"I can say that what JIG + SAW did for me in 8 weeks is what I haven't been able to do in 8 years. This process led me to discovering a career title and path that I am proud of - one that truly is ME. I am f*cking excited about my future. I feel ready to conquer the world."



Creator, Your Friendly Neighborhood Lesbian

"During track at Jig+Saw I learned how important it is to network and surround yourself with motivated and passionate women. No matter their "trade" we all learned from each about how to think outside the box. I learned to have faith in myself and to push forward even when I don't have a lot of answers and things are unclear. Feedback from women who want you to succeed is so wonderful easy to Receive. I left track with friends, mentors, and cheerleaders -invaluable."

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Podcast + Artist,  The Intuition Podcast

Saying "yes" to TRACK at Jig+Saw has been one of the best investments I've ever made. TRACK bridges the gap between valuable knowledge, resources, and experts in a variety of domains and creating a powerful community of women who show up for you week after week, helping you avoid the pitfalls and blind spots of what it takes to create and run a business you're passionate about. Taking time out for myself and what I'm up to once a week has been a game-changer and coming back month after month has been a no-brainer when you experience first-hand the impact this can have! Being able to do this in a beautiful and inspiring space is the cherry on top."