Got q's?

We got a's.


Do you have to be a member to participate in JIG+SAW events, workspace and rentals?

Yes! JIG+SAW's space is for members only - this ensures we're doing our best to protect the privacy of our members. We also want to avoid overcrowding and being a member allows us to control the foot traffic so we don't have everyone sitting on top of one another. Comfy is key!

We do offer limited day passes/one-time passes but the benefits are not available to this pass.


can i be a member if I don't have a biz?

GIRL. Yes. Have you ever been curious about how to read a contract, figure out your financials #debt, use Instagram in a real way? Yeah, me too. Whether you are self-employed or employed by someone else, there is so much information being shared available at JIG+SAW, we don't want you to miss it. Come + join, you never know. That idea that's been in the back of your mind for years, may come to life. 


what is available to me as a member?

Everything we offer is available to you, dependent on your membership. This also includes being a Track member.

More on membership breakdown here.


what is track? 

Great question. Track is something super near and dear to us because it's how we started from day one. We built a day of connecting with women almost a year ago, that we knew worked best. We call it Track because, like school, you choose the Track that works best for you. Each Track caters to different elements of creating a business; whether you're on Day One or Year Five. We focus on being a creative, being an entrepreneur and being a woman. The idea is that for four weeks, we can create momentum for your growth, for that confirmation you're on the right Track and the opportunity to grow, focus-group and test your products/services/experiences. We hope you join us.


what's this i hear about donating to planned parenthood?

As women, we are responsible for our part in the world. We felt it was very important to ensure our members were part of that responsibility. Although, it is optional, we would love for our members to understand why we're donating a portion of our profits from your membership to Planned Parenthood

This is paid out at the end of each month. 


can i come and go as I please?

Absolutely. This is your workspace; use as you like. The workspace is open from 10am-6pm, Monday-Thursday. 


what should i bring?

Besides your incredible self, we suggest bringing the following:

  • Your laptop + cords, including that iPhone charger, girl.
  • Equipment you use for the day; that may be camera equipment, video equipment, office supplies, etc. 
  • Your business cards
  • Your creativity 
  • Your excitement to get your sh*t together, whether you're a small business owner or an employee of someone else's, ready to start your LEAP

do you offer beverages + food?

Yes, girl, we got you. We will have coffee and light snacks each day. We are a small biz but will do our best to ensure you're provided with something to start your day and keep you energized. We're excited for you and want to keep you focused. We got you. 


What can I do at JIG+SAW?

JIG+SAW wants to create space that is creative +  thoughtful. You can use the space for your work but we ask that you refrain from the following:

  • Bringing a desktop to the office - our desk space is limited and we want to provide for as many people as possible
  • Hold a workshop, talk or photoshoot without prior knowledge to JIG+SAW. Any impromptu activity will be told to respectively stop. 
  • Interrupting Track with phone calls, personal side conversations or any disruption that causes Track to halt.
  • Leave messes. As much as we care for you, we don't clean up after you. We have cleaning supplies so please take care and clean up any spills, messes or crumbs you may leave behind.
  • Bring hot food. We do not have any heat supply for food that needs to be warmed up. JIG+SAW is a small space and any food that could be warmed up may overwhelm the space, making others uncomfortable. However, we have partnered with Cafe Dulce, a cafe at the Row, who will take lunch orders to be delivered in the afternoon. (Best breakfast burritos ever)

Moreover, please respect other's space. We want all to come and hustle hard, so if you think it could be a disturbance, it probably is.