This simple survey allows us to see what you liked + what we could work on. JIG+SAW's coworking space is meant to provide a safe space to create, collaborate and connect with women in Los Angeles. 

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What did you utilize while working at JIG+SAW? *
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Let's get to know your experience. *
Let's get to know your experience.
Please let us if you agree or disagree on the following statements:
The wifi worked well and was efficient for my needs.
The facilities were easy to navigate and I was able to get guests to JIG+SAW effectively.
The location of JIG+SAW was in an area near where I live/work.
The business resources were available when I needed them.
I used the business resources when they were available.
I enjoyed having coffee, snacks + water at the ready.
I was glad to print what I needed when I needed.
The hours of JIG+SAW work perfectly with my schedule.
I met women who I will likely be working with in the future.
I enjoyed the events hosted at JIG+SAW and look forward to attending more.
The location of JIG+SAW was easy to find.
Parking was a breeze at JIG+SAW's facilities.
I enjoyed the set-up of JIG+SAW and felt it offered me comfortable spaces to get my work done.
I knew that JIG+SAW is a coworking space.
I thought JIG+SAW was an event venue.