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let's talk about mental health and the anxiety we feel surrounding it. 

Running a business, managing your life, being a human, we can forget to talk care of ourselves, take care of our needs to function, breathe and live. We can tend to ignore signs of a mental health deterioration because of shame, ignorance or a miscommunication of what is transpiring. NNot only that, but there is a huge gender bias when it comes to mental health. While 1 in 5 Americans experiences a mental health disorder every year, women are diagnosed with depression and other anxiety related disorders at twice the rate of men. A recent study by The World Health Organization confirms that these common health disorders constitute a serious public health problem. Unipolar depression, predicted to be the second-leading cause of global disability burden by 2020, is twice as common in women.

So it begs to ask, why aren't we talking about our mental health more often, more in the open and with more vulnerability? We want to work on how to have these honest conversations with ourselves and with our loved ones.

Following our talk, we'll jump into a #BONUS workshop led by The Wellness Project NYC going in-depth on how what we eat and how we treat ourselves affects our mental wellbeing. It's a crash course in your own mind/body connection and provides you a chance to develop an easy, actionable mental health maintenance routine that will fend off burn-out, depressive periods, and brain fog. 

what is a jig+saw talk?

These talks are not your average congregation of people. Talks are about hyper-focusing on a core topic that keeps our businesses moving. These are built on two-hour segments, led by a host + JIG+SAW Founder Christina, in an open forum. What does that mean? We want to encourage more communication in your circle/tribe/posse/crew (whatever you call yours) and these talks create that open environment for more sharing and more insight. These talks will NOT be about listening to someone speak for two hours; it's about learning and contributing to the conversation + topic at hand. You'll not only leave with educational insight on the topic but you'll have a stronger grasp at your community around you, what you're really capable of and how important it is to come together.

Join the conversation. 


6:30p: Check-in

7p: Talk begins

8:30p: Wrap + engage

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Meet your hosts.

The Know Collective

Genevieve Fish is the founder of The Know Collective, an online and offline hub for mental health resources, content, and community for women. Somehow in a country where the top selling drug is an anti-depressant, there isn’t a national conversation about mental health. Genevieve is striving to ignite that conversation by hosting talk circles where women come together with thought leaders from the mental health industry to have honest conversations about real issues—those that most consume our minds and fuel our anxieties. She also publishes a weekly newsletter, In The Know, a weekly roundup of resources that help women prioritize their emotional health while remaining politically and culturally engaged. will be launching in May 2017. A Princeton University graduate, Genevieve previously worked in finance (Wells Fargo), non-profit fundraising (Teach for America), and digital media and editorial (Clique Media Group). She brings all of this experience to bear on the problem that matters most to her, improving access to mental health resources and igniting a dialogue that de-stigmatizes mental illness.

IG: @theknowcollective

The Wellness Project

The Wellness Project NYC is a creative corporate wellness consultancy. On a healthy mission to transform the way the world works, TWP marries holistic health and entertainment to mobilize people to be their best, most inspired and productive selves. TWP was co-founded in Brooklyn by Rachel Brown and Sarah Jacobs, two Holistic Nutritional Counselors that believe health should be attainable and accessible for everyone. Visit or email for more information. 

IG: @twpnyc

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