The Annual Founder Pass

the annual founder receives: 

  • Unlimited coworking days, valued at $35/day, in JIG+SAW's space during office hours (m-f 10am-6pm)
  • Free wifi, printing, drinks + snacks
  • Conference room to book for client or team meetings
  • Book time with our resource team; legal, financial + marketing
  • Free entry to ALL JIG+SAW-hosted events, including our workshops + talks, valued at $25/event
  • Host one of JIG+SAW's talks or workshops (if any available and fit the objective)
  • Host an event at JIG+SAW, free of charge (1x per month), valued at $400 (approved by JIG+SAW)
  • As a founding member, we ask that you participate in the community as a mentor, providing JIG+SAW members monthly as your schedule allows
  • Invites to our Founder member dinners + special events
  • 10% of each membership's profit is donated to Planned Parenthood

Our mission is to provide a safe, encouraging, creative space to let your ideas come to life. We, in no way, exclude anyone based on creative identity, phase of business, privilege or lack thereof. However, we do want to ensure that creativity thrives, positivity surrounds us and everyone is an active participant in one another's growth. JIG+SAW is not just about a workspace but about contributing to the success of one another and being accountable to the purpose. We hope you feel the value and truth of what JIG+SAW stands for. 

founder applicants will receive a decision within 72 hours. Upon acceptance, you will receive your first payment invoice that will be due before your 1st day. 

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