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We bet you're wondering what Online Track will be like. Don't worry, we've got you moms, full-time jobers and every woman in between. Our schedule look like this (for set times, scroll down for more info):

▼ At 9am PST we’ll begin with a live Webinar with our expert speaker (They’ll all be recorded for you to look back on!) 
▼ Next, we’ll move into Think Tanks where you’ll learn to pitch yourself with confidence, get to know the way you work, and ask questions of your fellow Online Track members (this is where the magic happens between badass women. 
▼ We’ll move into discussing Coursework as a group before wrapping at 12pm.

If you have questions after 12pm our JIG+SAW team members will be in the exclusive Facebook group answering your questions — we got you, gurl.




9a-9:45a -  Expert Talk

9:45a-10a - Q+A w/ Expert

10a-10:15a - Break

10:15a-11a -Think Tanks

11a-11:15a- Break

11:15a-12p - Coursework

12p-12:30p - JIG+SAW staff in Facebook group to answer questions

*All times are set to PST*


August 28 /  9a-2:30p PST

SEO BasicS

Learn the difference between SEO and SEM, master the technique of driving organic visibility to your website, learn the technical + creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines, and make sure search engines know who you are so anyone who needs you can find you.




Christina topacio

Founder + CEO, JIG+SAW


September 11 / 9a-2:30p PST

Breaking Down the Communication Breakdown

With the invention of the internet + texting, you can reach so many people so quickly, but how do you get them to understand what you’re truly trying to say? Many times our messages and intentions get mixed up in the back and forth. Time to learn how to write a cold email or take a client call and come across as prepared, clear, and get a response. It seems simple but how many times have you not emailed someone back because you just don’t know quite what to say or how to say it?


Maggie saunders

Community Director, JIG+SAW


September 19 / 9a-2:30p PST

FIND your niche and stick to it

Is it limiting to make a niche business or does it allow you to be an expert in your field? We are going to jump into practice of creating a niche business no matter if it is a service or a product. Learn how to find your niche and stick to it or know when it is time to let it go.



lauren mcgoodwin

Founder + CEO, Career Contessa


September 26 / 9a-2:30p PST

Top 5 PR Mistakes to Avoid

Learn how to navigate the world of PR before you hit send on that influencer outreach. Find out what to do to get and keep the public's attention while still being authentic to your brand.

Responsible for Vidcon programming and Stylehaul's brand messaging since its fruition. 


radimola2017_1_ (1).jpg

Chrystina woody train

PR & Digital Brand Strategist


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