mid-city, los angeles

Our first one-day intensive workshop showed proof in the concept. we need a place to call home, a space to make good sh*t happen with other powerful female entrepreneurs.


JIG+SAW had the privilege of hosting over 70 diverse + independent + driven women on May 16th, 2016 at Edge Studios in LA during our first workshop.

Time passed quickly for the jig+saw team as we saw women connect, ask questions, and share how they build their businesses.  Our Office Hours were fully booked, offering women financial, legal, pr + marketing support, each speaker was given close attention, and women still completed plenty of work in our co-working areas; basically it went better than we had imagined.

Our first event showed us that this kind of connection was important, necessary and needed. Here's to 2017.


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JIG+SAW hosted a talk with wellness & meditation leader, Kelsey J. Patel & Model Meals founder & body-positivity activist, Danika Brysha about productivity & the bullsh*t of being busy. 


We're in the mindset of BUSY, used as a crutch or booster to feel better about ourselves. You're busy + getting nothing done, feeling exhausted by the end of the day.

We are in this world of balancing everything, anything, nothing and something all while maintaining some sort of happy exterior. What we tend to lean on are apps, post-its, reading books of productivity, talking about how we aren't productive, etc. Do these approaches significantly help our efficiency? Potentially, not.

It's 11pm, you're still looking at endless emails + long to-do lists, and still don't feel accomplished. Kelsey taught us to connect with ourselves, listen to our needs and understand how to provide. 

Danika taught us how to balance not all but rather what was important. To her, it's her wellbeing, her business and her career. To others, its family, passion projects and a job. We all have our way of handling our lives but we can't live in the world of busy. We'll lose out on opportunities, not hear what we're really needing and feel exhausted having accomplished nothing. 


What is a jig+saw talk?

These talks are not your average congregation of people. Talks are about hyper-focusing on a core topic that keeps our businesses moving. These are built on two-hour segments, led by a host + JIG+SAW Founder Christina, in an open forum. What does that mean? We want to encourage more communication in your circle/tribe/posse/crew (whatever you call yours) and these talks create that open environment for more sharing and more insight. These talks will NOT be about listening to someone speak for two hours; it's about learning and contributing to the conversation + topic at hand. You'll not only leave with educational insight on the topic but you'll have a stronger grasp at your community around you, what you're really capable of and how important it is to come together.