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Violence Prevention Specialist, Voices Collaboration 

"It can feel isolating to be a young women entrepreneur in the corporate world of men but Track kept me focused and provided me with the tools and the community I needed to move forward with confidence."

jules jay.jpg


Photographer, hey jules jay

"When I tell people about Track, and the community of women it fosters, I always highlight the fact that not only does Jig+Saw do an amazing job of bringing all the best boss women together while providing a safe space for them to thrive, but the team is not afraid evolve with its audience. I think one of the most important aspects of a program like Track is that it provides what the community in attendance needs and is willing to grow and pivot with the women who attend."



"I have never felt so comfortable and accepted in a space of women in LOS ANGELES. The vibes, the stories, the hardships were REAL, the support was 56789% and the community built was something I've been looking for -- for a while. Thank you!!"



Creative Director, Die Free Studios

"Track series is EXACTLY what I've been looking for as a creative entrepreneur. It provides all the essentials I need as a new business owner, but also a community to bounce ideas of off, learn vital information from professionals all while networking and being productive. Areas I've been stuck in for months were talked through and solved from the very first session and only continued to get better. It's a completely safe environment to share and learn while surrounded by amazing entrepreneurs all actively pursuing their dreams."

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Jamie Varon

Visual Branding Strategist, Shatterboxx

"There is no place like JIG+SAW. There's no other place that will support you and welcome you like this place. I instantly felt at home when I showed up for a workshop. It was a no-brainer for me to sign up for Track. I needed more of JIG+SAW. My business has transformed since doing Track. I've felt so much less alone, so much less overwhelmed, and so much more supported. I didn't know I needed that until I had it. I couldn't recommend J+S more—or praise it more!"



Co-Founder, HRDWRKER

"I've been in Los Angeles for 10 years and must have walked into thousands of rooms throughout that time. I can honestly say that no room has ever been as welcoming nor as open as Jig + Saw's."


van holland

Accounting, CV Ledger

"Track was an incredibly well thought out working session that goes well beyond standard networking. It's an opportunity to work on not just your business, but yourself which comes first and foremost when it comes to business. Attend if you can - there is so much to learn about others, how to work with others and about yourself - time and money well spent :-D"