hear from our community: SMALL BIZ OWNERS



Founder, Artemis

"Track helped me figure out how to talk about my business in a way that people understood. I also learned about the important difference between my customer (who she is today) and my muse (her most badass self or who she wants to be). Beyond that, Track is a fantastic way to meet other women who hustle and expand your social circle and pool of potential business partners. I highly recommend it!"



Founder, Mybebox

"Thank you Track for giving me an idea for my business which I am now turning into reality! To be surrounded with other girlbosses and think together was an incredible experience!"


Founder, Segara Swim

"I'm so glad that I decided join JIG+SAW's first Track. My fellow Track members were all inspirational in different ways and ranged from artists, to business owners, to those switching careers. I'm not sure where else I would have found such a diverse and cool group of women to provide feedback and support. The speakers that joined us each week were down-to-earth and accessible, and I'm already taking their advice and tangible tips and applying them to my business."



Founder, Golden Rags

"Track series has been essential in my journey as an entrepreneur. I love having a place to go to share the challenges and successes in business with women who actually are all motivated to help each other be successful."


okoro davidson

Founder, Bunch Mag and YESRALLY

"Track came at the perfect time in my career! I'm exiting one company to start another and being able to sit in a room with other like-minded women and receive support and feedback in real time was an invaluable experience. The entire program is designed to cover every single thing a female entrepreneur needs. Christina is building a community that I have never found anywhere else. The women are diverse in every way imaginable and we're all here for the same reason: to hustle, grow, and kick butt."



"Warm, to the point, and effective! Just two hours in and I learned so much about myself, my vision, and the importance of sharing your ideas in a safe space. Collaborating with other women is key and this is the place to do it!"