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what is track?


JIG+SAW's Track Series facilities weekly courses set up for you to grow in your business and start making moves, getting more sh*t done. Less "I'll get to that" and more "Checked off, what's next?".

Imagine getting together with your favorite entrepreneurial female power circle every week to talk about your venture progress, the delays you're experiencing, the dead ends you've come across and the support + accountability you've been searching for. Every week that takes place at JIG+SAW.


how does track work?

Track is a MONTHLY WORKSHOP, FOCUSING on being a creative, being an entrepreneur and being a woman.

Track includes lunch, coffee + snacks to ensure we keep you fed and focused. 

Each track focuses on a core, intimate group of women. This allows us to engage and commit to one another over the course of one month. Each day in your track will allow for us to speak with you 1-on-1 and as a group. We are women, we give a sh*t about one another's success. Show up + hustle + let's make magic happen.


Got Q's? We've got a's.

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Track member benefits

The Track experience is simple; be a part of a community that cares, get some complementary goods and enjoy all the benefits to come. 

All standard Tracks come with all 8 personal development + business courses, 1-on-1 availability with our team members, recorded sessions JIC, private FB group to engage post-offline, a community of women that care about your business + where it's going.

We always strive to include special perks like headshots, goods, exclusive services, and more. Each new perk will be shared with you here and on social. Once you purchase your seat, you'll be shared on everything your Track pass gets you.


Special thanks to our past + present partners:


we only mess with the baddest bosses in town.



These are just some of the incredible beings who've taken the time to impart knowledge, show up for you and make this community even larger + stronger. Thankful for them + their support daily. 


Our community is kick ass, smart + down for you.


Can't wait to meet you.

schedule subject to change.